TIA pulls statistics from past and present projects, to lead our partners in creating a top performing upgrade program. Paired with our Online Design Studio Software, Design Consultants, and Decor Studio, our solution is all-encompassing.

Partnering with a variety of developers across the country allows our team to capture which upgrades perform well and at what price, in turn using our software to match the homeowner's purchasing behaviour. TIA's consultants use data and analytics to create a custom upgrade program for each of our clients, building them an entire online software platform and often hosting in-person appointments in our Studio!

TIA Software

Design Studio


Our in-house, proudly Canadian, Online Design Studio Software started as a simple mix-and-match design tool. TIA Software has evolved into a robust, intuitive, and fully operational Online Design Studio. We have a powerful back-end that can accommodate all your complex project parameters and an attractively easy to use interface for purchasers. Everyday we challenge ourselves to improve the efficiency and features of the software, maintaining a maluable approach to catering to our client's business needs. Inspired by both our clients and the homeowners, our goal is to continue to provide the best service and top design software in North America.

How It

Welcome Emails are sent to purchasers, inviting them to begin their colour selections online
Purchasers login to their account, virtually decorate their unit, and submit their selections!
Once selections are complete, purchasers can then: save, pay, and digitally sign an agreement sheet OR they can "Book an Appointment" to meet with a consultant in person.
Our clients can view live reports, analytics & purchaser selections anytime, anywhere throughout a project's lifespan-all from within the platform.


On the front end of our platform your purchasers will see an easy to navigate, online shopping tool. However on the back end, you'll find everything you need to keep your project organized.

  • Signed Agreement Sheets
  • Construction Reports
  • Material Lists
  • Online Design Appointment
  • Scheduling
  • Mortgage Impact / APS Generation
  • Online Payment Options
  • Sales Reports

Analytics - Data. Driven. Design.

Store and analyze all your data with ease, using TIA's multifaceted analytics platform. We provide our clients with access to a live capture of past and present market trends, which can be manipulated and filtered by whichever parameters are most relevant to the task at hand. Grant your trades access to reports on live projects, using our multi-level access feature!

TIA Studio 98 Sudbury Street


TIA Studio is our full-service Design Team, situated in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Our approach in using data-driven-design allows our consultants to confirm their creative intuition and understanding of the market, by employing analytical reviews of various in-house projects. Our consultants will curate an upgrade program to elevate your project, design interactive marketing-quality renderings to inspire upgrade purchases, and even host your in-person appointments at our Toronto Design Studio!



  • Amacon
  • Biddington Homes
  • CentreCourt
  • Collecdev
  • Delpark Homes
  • Empire Communities
  • First Avenue Properties
  • Freed Developments
  • Globizen Development
  • Greatwise Developments
  • Grid Developments
  • In2ition Realty & Brokerage
  • Lanterra Developments
  • Latch Developments
  • Madison Group
  • Mattamy Homes
  • Milborne Group
  • Minto Group
  • Mod Developments Inc.
  • Momentum
  • New Horizon
  • Pemberton Group
  • Plaza
  • Podium Developments
  • PSR Brokerage
  • Proment Corporation
  • Remington Group
  • Sequoia Grove Homes
  • Skale Developments
  • Slate
  • Stafford Homes
  • Streetcar Developments
  • The Rose Corporation
  • Urban Capital
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